Argumentor Conference 2010

Institute for Philosophical Research
Partium Christian University
Oradea, Romania

URL:Department of Philosophy

Our goal is to encourage dialogue between scholars concerning challenges of teaching Argumentation and Rhetoric skills, with a focus on university-level education. The first conference is a mix of plenary sessions and workshop format.

Organizing Committee:
HORVÁTH Gizella – program coordinator
GYÖRGYJAKAB Izabella – logistics coordinator
BAKÓ Rozália Klára – conference facilitator

Funded through the Hungarian Government’s Szülőföld Alap.


20 May 2010, Thursday

12.00–18.30            Check in, registration
19.00–20.30            Welcome reception

21 May 2010, Friday

9.00–10.00            Official opening

10.00–11.30          First plenary session. Moderator: HUBBES László Attila
ZEMPLÉN A. Gábor: Teaching argumentation and / or science? [abstract]
PUSZTAI István: Training in Argumentation. Some didactical reflections based upon practices in teaching rhetorics at Södertörn University [abstract]
BAKÓ Rozália Klára: Organizing Fair and Effective Communication. A Case Study on Educational Debate [abstract]

12.00–13.30          Second plenary session. Moderator: BAKÓ Rozália Klára
ACZÉL Petra: Presence of the Non-Existent. Challenges Faced by the Study and Teaching of Rhetoric and Rhetorical Argumentation [abstract]
Anders ULLHOLM: Countering Argument-stoppers [abstract]
HUBBES László Attila: Debating Contemporary Internet-Based Religious Discourse in Class. Some remarks regarding personal experience in teaching and discussing applied rhetoric and communication with students [abstract]

16.00–17.30          Third plenary session. Moderator: HUBBES László Attila
Gheorghe CLITAN: Present Models of Eloquence [abstract]
MARGITAY Tihamér: Pragma-Dialectics and the Search for Truth [abstract]
Ionel NARIȚA: Persuasion and Argumentation [abstract]

18.00–19.30          Fourth plenary session. Moderator: BAKÓ Rozália Klára
Octavian REPOLSCHI: Evaluating Reasoned Dialogues. A Case Study: Euthyphro [abstract]
ZSIGMOND Csilla: Political Argumentation – Consensus and Conflict [abstract]
HORVÁTH Gizella: Argumentative Discourse about Works of Art [abstract]

22 May 2010, Saturday

10.00–12.00          Workshop: Wrap up and way forward for Argumentor


Conference location: Partium Christian University Oradea
RO 410209, Str. Primăriei Nr.36. Tel/Fax: 004-0259-418244

Accommodation: Hotel Maxim Oradea, Str. Victor Babes nr. 5-7, May 20/21, 21/22.

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